Resolution Magic 2D Unity Asset

January 4, 2015 - Assets

Introducing my own Unity asset: Resolution Magic 2D!

Resolution Magic 2D takes the pain and work out of making your game fit on all those differently sized and shaped screens that your millions of potential customers have.

It works like this: you set up your main game area (the part of the screen that ALL players must be able to see), then design your game for that area, and add extra content in a larger area that is optional for players whose screen is a different shape. Resolution Magic 2D also re-arranges your UI objects to keep them at the screen edges regardless of what screen is being used. It’s like magic.


Check it out in the Unity Asset Store: Resolution Magic 2D (Unity Asset Store)

Demo Video

Say goodbye to ‘black bars’, stretched graphics, and torn out hair by adding some Resolution Magic 2D to your Unity project.

Note: the 2D in the name is not by accident – Resolution Magic 2D isn’t supported for 3D games as it works with a 2D camera to do its magic.

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