Navigation with the Nav Mesh Part 5: Areas and Paths
In this final part, we will improve our project by adding areas to the Nav Mesh with some different rules, and also use the CalculatePath() method to make [...]
Navigation with the Nav Mesh Part 4: Patrolling and Chasing
And as with the rest of this series, you can grab a download of the full code as it should be at the end of this part of the tutorial at the bottom of this [...]
Navigation with the Nav Mesh Part 3: Going Off Mesh
In Part 1 we created a simple Nav Mesh, and made an agent walk on it, and in Part 2, we added some obstacles to introduce some actual need for navigation. [...]
Navigation with the Nav Mesh Part 2: Obstacles and Targets
In Part 1, we created a Nav Mesh and a Nav Mesh Agent to navigate on that mesh. We included a simple script to make the agent move from their starting [...]
TMI! Stop Making Everything Public!
I see a lot of great tutorials that make a big mistake. They advocate making lots of public fields/variables in Unity scripts. Even some of the best [...]
Move Player to Click/Touch Position
In this tutorial, we’ll make a player character move to a position on the screen where the mouse was clicked or a finger tapped, just like in real-time [...]
UI MouseOver
In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to modify a UI object when the player moves the mouse over it. As always, if anything in this tutorial is new to [...]
A Simple Input Manager for Keyboard, Gamepad, and Touch
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple input manager to handle directional input via the keyboard, a gamepad, or on-screen touch [...]
The Making of Mouse Dreams: Part 1 – Getting Game Ideas
The article details how I went from wanting to make a game – but with no idea – through to finding and developing an idea through the process [...]
Play my new game!
I’ve been making a game – Mouse Dreams – and it’s almost finished. I’ve put a beta version of the full game up to get some [...]
Fade your UI In and Out
I’m currently polishing my 3rd game, Mouse Dreams, and I wanted my UI to fade in and out smoothly for a polished look: Fading a canvas requires that your [...]
Raycasting Part 1: Everybody Loves Raycasting
Raycasting is one of those topics that everyone seems to struggle with at first, so here is a tutorial covering everything you need to know about [...]
Tiled Background
Here’s a quick way to create a repeating tiled background in Unity. I’m using this technique in a project at the moment, and it works well, however, I’m [...]
Speech Bubbles and Popup UI
Many games show dialogue with a popup speech bubble, or prompt you to press an action button when you approach an object. In this tutorial I’ll show you [...]
2d BB-8
The coolest new character in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is BB-8, the droid that rolls on his spherical body with his head bopping along on [...]
Complete Unity Pong Clone Tutorial for Beginners
  Here is a list of the posts in my 10-part Pong Clone tutorial. If you want to make games, but have no idea where to start…start here! You [...]