Request a Tutorial!

I haven’t thought of any good ideas for tutorials lately, so I’m throwing out an invite for requests!

What would you like a tutorial for?

Leave a comment or email with your ideas, but keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • The topic has to be of reasonable size (e.g. no full games), preferably doable in a single blog post.
  • Be specific (e.g. I can’t do ‘physics’, but I can do ‘using triggers to detect when the player is in a location’).
  • Make it something there isn’t already 100 tutorials for elsewhere.
  • Be clear – I can’t read your mind, so be detailed and as clear as possible. If I can’t understand the request, I can’t action it.

Here are some pictures to inspire you:

7 thoughts on “Request a Tutorial!

  1. Modish

    If you can help with a nice scrollable Level select menu which also snaps with left and right arow button n swipe gesture and also for multiple screen res 🙂

  2. Modish

    Im also looking for a letter tracing tutorial with touch.
    If you can help with that would b a great help.

    1. Damien Post author

      No, that’s not something I could do. Try contacting the asset developer for support and/or documentation. They probably also have a thread on the Unity forums.


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