My free downloads and Unity assets are on this page, as well as some info for my (non-free) Unity asset Resolution Magic 2D, which makes it easy to scale your 2D Unity games to look great on all devices and screens.

Resolution Magic 2D (not free, but cheap)

Without Resolution Magic 2D:


Without Resolution Magic, vital game information can be ‘cut off’ when running on differently sized/shaped screens and devices.

With Resolution Magic 2D:


Resolution Magic makes sure the important content is always displayed, regardless of screen size or shape.

Free Assets!

Navigation Helper (100% free, public domain code)

My first free Unity asset is Navigation Helper. It adds a simple way to navigate between Unity scenes and pass parameters.

You can navigate to a scene like this:

NavigationHelper.NavigateToScene(sceneName, parameter);

Then a script on the new scene can access the parameter. You can also go back to the previous scene easily:


Other downloads

My first Unity game, Game of Clowns, available on multiple platforms: Game of Clowns (free and paid versions).

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  1. Andy Mahowa

    hi, Your code on drag and drop really helped me with my first unity game project, I’m mostly a designer just started out making games a short while ago. would you like to collaborate with me on this game, it’s a really simple one, i can send you the details if you want so you can see if your interested.


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